101100 Waterproof Synthetic Paper

Excellent waterproof synthetic paper (waterproof on one side only). Special waterproof coating that makes regular inkjet inks waterproof and smearproof. Is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. This 11 mil material is totally waterproof. Material has no adhesive backing.

This material does not require a Spray Coating to be waterproof or smearproof as the facestock of the material is specially formulated to absorb the inkjet color inks to make them waterproof and smear resistant.

This product is listed as Long Run as it can only be diecut using a Die, Make Ready and Run Charge.

Long run 101100 Inkjet Waterproof Synthetic Paper. Available in blank sheets only.

50 Sheets
8.5" x 11" $1.31/sh

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