Applying a clear label to a dark surface?

103400 Ultra Clear Poly Labels

clear polyUse 103400 for ultra clear decals on clean glass, metal, hard plastics (PET, PP, etc). This is a unique ultra clear product for color inkjets because the adhesive is removable and can be removed without leaving a residue. 100400 Clear Protective Spray coating is available to make the labels smudge, moisture and scuff resistant. Custom templates.

Short run* Inkjet 103400 Ultra Clear Poly Labels. Price includes die cutting sheet with any size or shape. No die charge.

10 25 50 100 250 500*
8.5" x 11" $6.64/sh $4.53/sh $3.63/sh $3.30/sh $3.11/sh $3.02/sh
8.5" x 14" $7.10/sh $5.20/sh $4.26/sh $3.80/sh $3.62/sh $3.48/sh
8.5" x 17" $8.10/sh $6.42/sh $5.33/sh $4.80/sh $4.50/sh $4.32/sh
*500 sheet short run pricing:
First 250 sheets shipped in 24 hours, Shipment of balance subject to availability of stock. Split shipments are FOB

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